Make your blog successful in 5 steps

Blog successfully in 5 steps

Why would you like to make your blog successful? The answer is simple. Get more visitors, more readers and if you are using it to promote something for sales, more sales.

Here are some helpful tips on how to write a successful blog making it both powerful and profitable.

Blogging is a very competitive platform. Your profitability is dependent upon how successful you are at writing.

There are a few tricks that you can use that will help you write a successful blog and stand out among all the other blogs.

1. Posts as classified ads

Research has shown that many viewers have a short attention span. As a reader I can attest to this in my own experience.  Knowing that your post must catch a reader’s attention right away is critical in constructing a piece of effective writing. Make the post as concise as possible. People who read online appreciate shorter posts or articles and are much more likely to read them. Quickly catch the attention of the reader. So in this case less is better!

2. Better SEO

SEO for those of you who may be newbies is search engine optimization.  This is important as most posts are found by the reader based on a keyword search through a search engine. One major way to improve SEO is to include subheadings. Such subheadings, make it possible to organize the information that you provide in your blog posts. Readers like organized posts that are broken down into pieces that are easy to find and comprehend. These are accomplished by such things as H1, H2, and H3 and other such settings in your WP control panel. Other ways to improve the SEO of a blog post are including an images and or links to other sites. I recommend if you are including links to make sure that they are coded to open in a separate tab.

3. Proofread

Proofreading is important. Nothing turns of a visitor to your blog more quickly than a post that is poorly written and grammatically unprofessional. It is easy to go through your writing with spell check. This should not be the only way that you check your work. Read your work out loud to check it. No matter how you check your writing it is essential to do so. It is essential to make sure that it appears perfect to readers. They expect it to be spotless.

4. Market Your Article

If no one reads your article then there is no reason to even write it. You need to get your name and your article exposed in such a way that visitors can find it! Post to as many places as possible, with links pointed back to your site. The more that you do this will serve to increase hits to your blog which increases wider distribution.  This will help your article to rank higher in search engines. In this way you will be able to market your ideas and your blog

5. Be Creative

Don’t limit yourself to simply blog or post in forums on websites. If you want to make your article into a successful piece of writing, get published in as many places as possible! This includes low cost  “how-to” websites and ezines. Simply email these publishers to see if they want to use your article or articles. A great many publishers send out articles to a list of email subscribers.

There are other ways to make your blog desirable to potential readers and subscribers but these could easily be considered the top five.

For more about the writer of this article Keith Stieneke make sure to visit his more personal blog Keith Stieneke.

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