How Email Reflects Your Business And Personal Ideology

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How Email Reflects Your Business And Personal Ideology by Keith P. Stieneke

If you are going into business, especially one that you promote online you should choose a name that is reflective of the ideals and the professionalism that desire your business to provide.

I have a friend in his early twenties who likes to play the “shock value” game with people. He chose an email name to reflect this as it is not one that a lot of people would respond to without worrying about their safety. He uses the name  (I am using the in a generic sense as I doubt any one uses such an email company or ISP). Omega, which means the end of all things and 187, which is the police code for homicide, gives the impression that this name definitely reflects something very ominous. This friend will definitely have to use another email address to promote business opportunities if he ever chooses to do so.

Another mistake that I see several people resorting to is that they are putting words denoting several private body parts in as a part of their email addresses. This is not only a stupid and childish behavior but also disgusts most people so that they wouldn’t even read email from such an address.

The simplest way to create an email address is to use your name or a portion of your name. If you own a company that has an online presence and you have a domain name that allows you email capabilities such as my site you could have an email address such as, which denotes the name of a person involved with the business. If you are the one who designs and publishes the html files for the website it makes sense to use the title of Webmaster in your email.

If you are using an ISP whether it is local or one of the giants such as AOL, you could create an email address denoting the profession that you are in. Possibly using a name such as, could get you noticed by some of the network-marketing aficionados. If there is an email prefix that you want and it is not available at one ISP you have three options: 1) Use one that is similar, 2) Search for a different ISP until you find one that has the name available, or 3) Get a domain name and website that offers the name of your domain as your website suffix. Then you can use almost anything you want as the prefix.

Another thing that affects how your email address is perceived is your ISP. If you have a free ISP such as yahoo or prontomail many people online will see you as not having much money. If you are trying to come across as someone who has achieved some level of success you should have your own domain name that can be used with email or at least be using a paid email service such as AOL, Earthlink or one of the other paid services.

If you are planning to promote heavily on the Internet it is important to remain professional not just in your e-mail correspondence but also in your e-mail address as well. Hopefully the suggestions given in this article will be helpful to you in some small way.

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