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Welcome to Marketing Success.

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Make your blog successful in 5 steps

Blog successfully in 5 steps

Why would you like to make your blog successful? The answer is simple. Get more visitors, more readers and if you are using it to promote something for sales, more sales.

Here are some helpful tips on how to write a successful blog making it both powerful and profitable.

Blogging is a very competitive platform. Your profitability is dependent upon how successful you are at writing.

There are a few tricks that you can use that will help you write a successful blog and stand out among all the other blogs.

1. Posts as classified ads

Research has shown that many viewers have a short attention span. As a reader I can attest to this in my own experience.  Knowing that your post must catch a reader’s attention right away is critical in constructing a piece of effective writing. Make the post as concise as possible. People who read online appreciate shorter posts or articles and are much more likely to read them. Quickly catch the attention of the reader. So in this case less is better!

2. Better SEO

SEO for those of you who may be newbies is search engine optimization.  This is important as most posts are found by the reader based on a keyword search through a search engine. One major way to improve SEO is to include subheadings. Such subheadings, make it possible to organize the information that you provide in your blog posts. Readers like organized posts that are broken down into pieces that are easy to find and comprehend. These are accomplished by such things as H1, H2, and H3 and other such settings in your WP control panel. Other ways to improve the SEO of a blog post are including an images and or links to other sites. I recommend if you are including links to make sure that they are coded to open in a separate tab.

3. Proofread

Proofreading is important. Nothing turns of a visitor to your blog more quickly than a post that is poorly written and grammatically unprofessional. It is easy to go through your writing with spell check. This should not be the only way that you check your work. Read your work out loud to check it. No matter how you check your writing it is essential to do so. It is essential to make sure that it appears perfect to readers. They expect it to be spotless.

4. Market Your Article

If no one reads your article then there is no reason to even write it. You need to get your name and your article exposed in such a way that visitors can find it! Post to as many places as possible, with links pointed back to your site. The more that you do this will serve to increase hits to your blog which increases wider distribution.  This will help your article to rank higher in search engines. In this way you will be able to market your ideas and your blog

5. Be Creative

Don’t limit yourself to simply blog or post in forums on websites. If you want to make your article into a successful piece of writing, get published in as many places as possible! This includes low cost  “how-to” websites and ezines. Simply email these publishers to see if they want to use your article or articles. A great many publishers send out articles to a list of email subscribers.

There are other ways to make your blog desirable to potential readers and subscribers but these could easily be considered the top five.

For more about the writer of this article Keith Stieneke make sure to visit his more personal blog Keith Stieneke.

Direct Sales Consultants Needed

Direct Sales Consultants Needed

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Fire Your Boss Ask Me How

Fire Your Boss Ask Me How

A popular saying in the networking marketing industry is Fire Your Boss! Ask Me How.

Fire Your Boss Ask Me How

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Get Paid To Lose Weight Ask Me How

Get Paid To Lose Weight Ask Me How

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The Perfect $1 Business Opportunity

The Potential to Earn Thousands With Only One Dollar A Month!

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Putting a new face on article writing and article marketing

At one time article marketing was limited to Internet marketers writing articles for the sole purpose of promoting their websites. If a marketer had a website about dog products that marketer would write articles about dogs and various things about dogs, and submit them to the “pets” category of article directories. If the marketer wanted to promote a site about making money online, he or she would write articles about making money online and submit it to the appropriate category in article directories. If the marketer had a website about “widgets” he would write articles about “widgets” and submit them to the directories. Writing articles for these types of article directories is writing done almost solely for the sake of publicity. People will know that you write about a certain subject because you have knowledge about that subject and may even seek out your expertise on the subject that you write about.

There is a new trend to article marketing today. It still takes into account getting traffic to a website but also more it is for the purpose of the article writer getting paid. In some cases the articles that a writer develops for these sites are not necessarily related to the niche of the writer’s websites. It is important when submitting to the directories that you establish a sense of credibility. The more credible that your article seems the more articles may get accepted.

The purpose of writing for article directories that pay you is first to make money by selling one’s writing. You do not necessarily have to be them most proficient in your writing capabilities in order to write for these type of article directories. Traffic to your website is secondary to how much traffic your content will bring to this article or media directory.

Of course, if your articles are well written, and provide valuable content, then your readers will scour the directory, and the Internet to search out more of your articles, and more information about you.

Both types of article directories have their place in the world of media. The ones that primarily serve as conduits to marketers wanting to get traffic to their websites will remain for some time to come. They will remain a valuable asset to both the contributing writers and the people who visit these sites looking for content to reprint in their ezines and websites.

The more recent get paid for article directories just put a new face on article marketing. With the growing need for more specialized content these new sources will continue to need writers for some time to come. I would encourage you as a potential article marketer to work with both kinds of directories.

Profitable Search Engine Marketing With Blogs

If you are involved in any type of affiliate program or online network marketing program then you should really be using a blog or several blogs to help you to market your opportunity and products. There are several reasons for using blogs for marketing and in this article these reasons are explained.

Stripped down a blog is nothing more than a website. However, what is it about blogs that make them a perfect tool for making money online?

A large part of this is that a blog offers an easy to use content management system that allows for quick updating in chronological order.

Because blogs are usually heavy on content and organized in an intuitive fashion their structure is perfect for producing revenue. Blogs are easy to produce as content based websites complete with the potential of well targeted pages.

Blogs have a definite advantage over traditional websites in that content can be added easily. Adding new content to a static website can be both problematic in terms of design and also difficult due to time restraints. This is an important factor to remember as your success will depend in large measure on your ability to add new content for your visitors.

Blogging solves many problems associated with traditional websites. The most common is the hassle that having to write content and then convert it or pay to have it converted into HTML. Since all major blog platforms allow users to create new posts and add them easily with a few clicks of the mouse webmaster can add new content in minutes. Blogs are content driven and serve to build relationships with search engines.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN reward information sites that are full of information, by giving them better positioning in search results and indexing these sites quickly. This makes these sites soar to the top of the search engine rankings. Blogs also maintain a stickiness as they draw return visitors to a website far more likely.

In conclusion using blogs to promote your affiliate marketing programs or network marketing programs and the opportunities and products that they represent may be the best business decision that you ever make. You can constantly add updates to your blog and therefore communicate with prospects. If you are involved in online money making ventures and as of yet don’t have your own blog I encourage you to start one A.S.A.P.

How Email Reflects Your Business And Personal Ideology

This article can be used electronically or in print as long as you include the byline at the bottom of the article and let me know where and when the article is going to be published.  Contact us using the contact page link.

How Email Reflects Your Business And Personal Ideology by Keith P. Stieneke

If you are going into business, especially one that you promote online you should choose a name that is reflective of the ideals and the professionalism that desire your business to provide.

I have a friend in his early twenties who likes to play the “shock value” game with people. He chose an email name to reflect this as it is not one that a lot of people would respond to without worrying about their safety. He uses the name omegashadow187@blank.com  (I am using the blank.com in a generic sense as I doubt any one uses such an email company or ISP). Omega, which means the end of all things and 187, which is the police code for homicide, gives the impression that this name definitely reflects something very ominous. This friend will definitely have to use another email address to promote business opportunities if he ever chooses to do so.

Another mistake that I see several people resorting to is that they are putting words denoting several private body parts in as a part of their email addresses. This is not only a stupid and childish behavior but also disgusts most people so that they wouldn’t even read email from such an address.

The simplest way to create an email address is to use your name or a portion of your name. If you own a company that has an online presence and you have a domain name that allows you email capabilities such as my opportunityassistance.com site you could have an email address such as keithpstieneke@opportunityassistance.com, which denotes the name of a person involved with the business. If you are the one who designs and publishes the html files for the website it makes sense to use the title of Webmaster in your email.

If you are using an ISP whether it is local or one of the giants such as AOL, you could create an email address denoting the profession that you are in. Possibly using a name such as mlmpromoter@aol.com, could get you noticed by some of the network-marketing aficionados. If there is an email prefix that you want and it is not available at one ISP you have three options: 1) Use one that is similar, 2) Search for a different ISP until you find one that has the name available, or 3) Get a domain name and website that offers the name of your domain as your website suffix. Then you can use almost anything you want as the prefix.

Another thing that affects how your email address is perceived is your ISP. If you have a free ISP such as yahoo or prontomail many people online will see you as not having much money. If you are trying to come across as someone who has achieved some level of success you should have your own domain name that can be used with email or at least be using a paid email service such as AOL, Earthlink or one of the other paid services.

If you are planning to promote heavily on the Internet it is important to remain professional not just in your e-mail correspondence but also in your e-mail address as well. Hopefully the suggestions given in this article will be helpful to you in some small way.